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REMCAP: Developing European Maritime Resources

All around the globe, governments are increasingly recognising the social and economic value of the seas: as a source of energy, materials, food and leisure as well as a transportation corridor. However the coastal and ocean environment that provides these resources needs careful management to ensure its long-term viability.

The capability to exploit marine resources, in ways that are sustainable and cost effective, is becoming a strategic priority for maritime nations and the EU.

The REMCAP project aims to advance this capability by expanding innovation capacity in maritime resource efficiency. It is an EU FP7 Regions of Knowledge project that brings together 14 partners from 6 Regional European Clusters that are highly active in the marine resource extraction sectors. By facilitating interaction and knowledge exchange across the clusters and developing and implementing regional and joint action plans, REMCAP aims to develop the clusters' ability to highlight innovation priorities, and equally to address barriers to investment.

The REMCAP project team welcomes interaction with additional maritime partners and clusters outside of the project focus area and encourages interested parties to visit the website at:

Regular updates will be posted the website on the project development and emerging opportunities.

The first REMCAP newsletter is available to download from the website which details the aims of the project, the REMCAP project goals, information on the priority markets being addressed, and background information on the project consortium.

For more information please visit

Posted 2014-03-25 12:45:54

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