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'Acceleration of Blue Growth agenda' key outcome of REMCAP project

Acceleration of the blue growth agenda is one of the key outcomes of the REMCAP European project which came to a close last month. Marine South East has been a major partner in the three year project.

For the past three years, the REMCAP project has been advancing measures to expand innovation capacity in the Blue Economy.

The oceans are playing an ever-increasing role within the global economy (as a source of energy, materials, food, leisure, and for transportation). Europe needs to expand its capabilities to maximise its presence in meeting these growing markets, and to ensure sustainability of our ocean resources. This presents immense challenges to the business and scientific communities, as well as to Governments.

The aim of the Resource Efficient Maritime Capacity
(REMCAP) project has been to capitalise on the opportunities
that have arisen from increasing commercial demand across
marine industries. The project focused on expanding the
capacity for innovation and growth across the key markets
of offshore wind; ocean energy; fishing; aquaculture; algae;
blue biotech; aggregates and dredging; sea bed mining and
a number of critical enabling technology areas such as
maritime autonomous systems, vessels and novel fuels.

The REMCAP project brought together 14 distinct partner
organisations from six European Clusters in England, France,
Ireland, Lithuania, Portugal and Sweden.

One of the original objectives of the REMCAP partners
at the start of the project was to ensure that the outputs produced during the REMCAP project would be built upon after the end of REMCAP. 6 project ideas for consortium building have been prepared by REMCAP partners, covering a wide range of topics.

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