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Marine South East cluster project hopes to influence EC marine policy

For the last 3 years Marine South East has been leading four European marine science clusters in the 'EMSAC' (European Marine Science Applications Consortium) project. The project recently held its final workshop in Brussels.

EMSAC has been working to demonstrate how utilising the strengths of maritime clusters can best exploit a number of marine or sea-related opportunities such as marine energy, aquaculture and maritime security.

The main aim of the final EMSAC international workshop held in December was to work towards the creation of a European network of innovative marine clusters.

Catherine Bearder, MEP for South East England welcomed 62 marine science specialists from across Europe to the workshop that was held in Brussels near the European Parliament.

An expanding network of European marine clusters is intended to facilitate new research activities, promote investment in the marine & maritime sector and enable more effective access to funding. The network will facilitate high-value business to business partnerships, drive faster implementation of new technologies and engage actively with governments and public authorities.

The workshop also explored the innovation capacity-building carried out within EMSAC over the last 3 years and debated future specialisation and collaboration opportunities in the 'blue growth' domain.

The EMSAC consortium believe the workshop outputs will help influence the European Commission to include marine clusters in the definition of new calls for proposals during the forthcoming 'Horizon 2020' programme.

Posted 2013-02-20 16:15:21

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