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Save the Date, INdiGO Bio-degradable fishing gear project kick-off event, 12th February 2020, Lorient, France

INdiGO (INnovative fishing gear for Ocean) is a new EU Interreg co-funded project to develop prototype biodegradable fishing gear.

Led by the University of South Brittany, the INdIGO project will reduce the total quantity of plastic present in the France/English Channel area by 3% through the development of biodegradable fishing gear, as well as improving habitat quality and maintaining biodiversity.

Fishing gear is estimated to represent 27% of marine litter with more than 26 000 km of gear lost each year in the Channel area each year. With an estimated lifetime of several hundreds of years, the impact on marine wildlife can be devastating.

Lost and discarded fishing gear could be reduced by the use of biodegradable equipment with a controlled lifespan, however there is currently a lack of such products for use in the fishing and aquaculture sectors. The development biodegradable plastics is a realistic alternative for the European directive (2008/56/EC) in order to reduce ocean pollution in the long term.

INdiGO is holding a project kick-off event on Wednesday 12th February 2020 in Lorient, France.

More details to follow; for more information and to register to attend please contact:

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Posted 2019-12-04 13:27:29

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