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Onboard Training for Key Professionals in the Port and Logistics Sector

Onboard is an EU project with partners in Ireland, Portugal and the UK. Focusing on apprenticeships for Port and Logistics its main objective is to promote and strengthen partnerships between SMEs, training providers and other relevant organisations to deliver high quality training for the sector’s workforce.

Following the validation of two EQF curricula covering 'Digital Skills' earlier this year, the project is now focused on the advantages that can be gained by understanding the training needs of the apprentices.

To assist with this the Onboard 'Training for Apprenticeships' Key Professionals' course has been developed. Intended for HR, Managers, Tutors, and other staff involved with apprentice training it highlights 'good practice' and procedures used in the partner countries national systems. Providing an overview of Work-Based Learning it suggests methods to identify, recruit, support and mentor the trainees who will be the company's future workforce. Evidence shows that investing time in this provides significant benefits to the employer and staff through:

* Suitably skilled workforce to meet current/future needs
* Career progression
* Improved staff morale
* Reduced staff turnover
* Committed Company looking to the long-term

If you would like to learn more, the course modules are now being made available through the Onboard website. Access can be obtained by registering through the following link:

When registered the modules will be available under the 'Learning Area' - 'Groups' Tabs.

The course is a project deliverable and the final version will be available for use by companies and organisations at no charge. To ensure that it meets sector needs the Onboard partners are keen to receive feedback on the latest version.

If you are a UK based company, organisation or individual with an interest in training for the Ports and Logistics Sector and have comments or suggestions about the course please email David Rea at

Onboard is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. Further information is available on:

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Posted 2019-07-22 08:14:41

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