Opportunities for businesses to provide smart energy solutions for island communities and off-grid locations

Businesses offering smart energy-efficient solutions such as offshore renewable energy, energy stora...

CLINSH sustainable fleet trial expanded to 41 ships

Six new ships are joining the CLINSH (CLean INland SHipping) sustainable pilot project. With 41 ship...


Marine Aging of Polymers, 28th-29th August 2019, Brest, France

The overall objective of this colloquium is to establish the state of the art in both the knowledge ...

Solent LEP Business Growth Clinic, 5th September 2019

Looking to Grow your Business? Of Course you are!! The Solent LEP Growth Hub provides free business ...

UK Government launches Maritime 2050 environment route map

The clean maritime plan is the environment route map of Maritime 2050, and will also act as the UKs national action plan on shipping emissions.

The plan reflects the need to respond to the challenges of climate change and air pollution's threat to public health, and identifies the clean growth opportunities associated with a transition to zero emission shipping.

It sets out a number of domestic policies to reduce greenhouse gases and pollutant emissions from shipping, and to stimulate clean maritime growth.

The plan delivers on government's commitments under the Clean air strategy and international climate obligations.

A package of economic and technical research which informed the plan is published alongside the plan itself.

To read the full document please visit:

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Posted 2019-07-15 16:31:43

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