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Find out about transfer of Key Enabling Technologies to the maritime industries

KETmaritime held a successful workshop during the recent Ocean Business conference and exhibition to help businesses find out about Key Enabling Technologies that could drive innovation and competitiveness in their business.

Around 30 delegates attended the event which explored the technological, commercial and innovation potential of new technologies for maritime applications including:

* Industrial Biotechnology KET: taking advantage of marine biological resources

* Nanotechnology KET: exploiting the benefits of a smaller scale

* Advanced manufacturing KET: a new paradigm for industrial processes

* Photonics KET: using light for monitoring of marine assets and resources

As part of the project, UCC from Ireland are developing a Road Map for the development of Key Enabling Technologies in maritime industries. The design of this Roadmap is being driven by users such as SMEs, to ensure it is tailored as effectively as possible to suit their Research, Development and Innovation needs. A lot of the discussion points raised during the workshop highlighted barriers and opportunities for KET and maritime bridging mechanisms. The project would like to gather any feedback and expert opinions you may have to offer in a survey:

KETmaritime is an ambitious EU funded project aiming to promote the transfer of Key Enabling Technologies in the maritime sector. KETs have the potential to impact on many aspects of the society, enhancing the industrial competitiveness and creating growth and jobs in Europe.

The KETmaritime project aims to build a cooperative network integrating organisations with experience in R&D&i in KETs and maritime activities and marine sector bodies (clusters, associations, public institutions, companies, etc.) to strengthen KETs transfer and facilitate the adoption of novel technological developments and new ways of thinking into traditional maritime companies, especially SMEs.

The consortium, led by the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, (INL), brings together seven partners from 5 countries working, closely with maritime sector industries and businesses to bring to market new processes, products, services.

For more information about the KETmaritime project please visit

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Posted 2019-04-24 09:27:44

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