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Navy seeking innovative ideas to track on-board personnel

In collaboration with the Royal Navy, the Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) has launched the ‘Get the Ship in Shape: accounting for, and tracking, personnel’ innovation competition.

Do you have an idea?

Have you got the technology or think you have an innovative idea that could help us to rapidly account for personnel on board the newest and largest of the Royal Navy's ships, the UK aircraft carrier, HMS Queen Elizabeth (QNLZ)?

You may already be tracking personnel in large corporate buildings or hotels and entertainment complexes or you may have an innovation that you think could be adapted. With DASA funding and the chance to trial on board QNLZ, you could develop these ideas further for use on board ships.

What do we need?

During emergency situations, it is essential that the number of people on the ship is known, and that they can be positively accounted for and that their location can be established. We have two challenges, firstly accounting for the number of people using a positive log system and the second is tracking those individuals in real time.

Who do we need to track?

There could be in excess of 2000 people who get on and off the ship at multiple points of entry and exit and more than 3000 compartments on board which increases the challenge of maintaining an accurate view of the number of people on the ship at any one time.

What's wrong with what we've got?

It is difficult to positively account for personnel using the current system of a physical peg board (for core Ship's Company), a T-card holder (for accredited visiting contractor / shore support staff) and a visitor log (for all other visitors) to account for the number of personnel on board. Peg boards are vulnerable to errors caused by personnel moving the wrong peg, or the boards being knocked over.

What support is available?

A minimum of £250k is available to fund multiple contracts of up to 9 months' duration. Proposals will include prototype testing on board the training ship, HMS Bristol, and the possibility of taking part in a trial of prototypes aboard HMS QNLZ.

Innovative solutions are urgently sought. Further information can be found in the Competition Document at the following link:

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Posted 2019-02-28 13:15:24

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