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Apply for 'Fit for Offshore Renewables' to increase growth, sales and revenue

Fit for Offshore Renewables (F4OR) is a unique service helping the UK supply chain get ready to bid for work in the growing offshore renewable energy sector.

Based on the successful Fit for Nuclear programme, ORE Catapult is working with industry to increase business competitiveness, supporting continued cost reduction in the sector while securing long-term economic benefits.

Why apply for Fit for Offshore Renewables?

Fit for Offshore Renewables lets companies measure up against offshore renewable industry standards and take the steps necessary to close any gaps.

It opens the door for increased growth, more sales, and higher revenue. By embarking on this 12-18-month journey of business improvement, companies have the chance to join industry leaders in demonstrating their readiness and suitability for providing quality services to the sector.

The opportunities are enormous. The recent Offshore Wind Industry Prospectus, published in October 2018, estimates that by 2030 the sector's value to UK companies could be £30bn per year.

F4OR has already received dedicated support from large Scottish offshore wind projects such as Inch Cape, Moray West, Moray East and Seagreen, to ensure the programme continues to meet industry supply chain requirements.

How to apply

Applications for the Fit for Offshore Renewables pilot programme are open until March 2019, and companies based in Scotland are invited to submit their entry.
The subsequent full programme will be open to companies nationwide.

If you think your company is ready to win business in offshore renewable energy, follow the link below to take the first step on the journey.

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Posted 2019-01-22 09:11:19

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