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Key Enabling Technologies for the Maritime Industries project workshop, 14th November 2018, Portugal

Key Enabled Technologies (Kets) have the potential to impact on many aspects of the society, enhancing the industrial competitiveness in Europe.

The maritime sector still needs a transformation from a traditional one to a high-value one which is
embracing innovation and novel market opportunities developed in a sustainable manner.

The main goal of this workshop is to create and raise awareness about KETs and their potential application in the maritime industry, presenting successful case studies. At the end of the workshop participants should increase their KETs knowledge and be encouraged to collaborate in future projects or business opportunities, promoting technology transfer of new opportunities to the maritime industry.

Target audience: companies, industrial and public organisations, from different maritime sectors: fisheries
and aquaculture, shipbuilding, processing of fish and seafood, blue biotechnology, marine energies.

For more information and booking details please visit:

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Posted 2018-10-29 18:13:38

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