Have your say in what the skills shortages are in the marine industry before 6th January 2019

The UK marine industry has long dealt with a wide range of skills shortages. And over the years many...

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In the coming years, the world’s oceans will see a growing development of marine infrastructures inc...


Wave Energy Converter Meet the Buyer event, 24th January 2019, Falmouth

Marine-i will host a ‘Meet the Buyer’ workshop on 24 January to showcase the development of AMOG Con...

Free Grant Writing Breakfast Briefing workshop, 5th February 2019, Southampton

SETsquared, the Enterprise Collaboration between the universities of Bath, Bristol, Exeter, Southamp...

Blue Growth Update 2018: Opportunities and Collaboration in the Blue Economy, 14th March 2018, OI London

This session will overview of Blue Growth opportunities for business, showcase selected companies that have invested in the emerging Blue Economy, and explore how clusters can actively promote these opportunities.

The session will be split into three parts:

* Blue Growth global update from organisations working across the Blue Economy internationally:

* American perspective: The Maritime Alliance (USA)
* European perspective: Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique (France)

* Business Case Studies: Highlighting companies who have invested in and benefited from expanding into the Blue Economy, including:

* Maritime information services
* Autonomous systems
* Energy
* Aquaculture

Collaboration & financing opportunities (led by Marine South East) to highlight a range of collaborative projects and financing mechanisms, followed by a facilitated panel discussion to spotlight some take-away opportunities.

For more information please visit:

To register to attend Oceanology International 2018 please visit:

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