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Posted 2019-10-08 14:59:14

Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime Funding Call

The Department for Transport (DfT) provides funding for investment in innovative maritime research and innovation that supports the ambitions set out in Maritime 2050 and Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime route-map.

The maritime sector is likely to undergo significant changes as technology revolutionises the way the sector operates and environmental concerns create new and more stringent requirements for the maritime industry.

The Department for Transport (DfT) is keen to continue to engage with industry to promote the development of technological innovation in UK maritime. For this reason, the DfT is launching a call of £1M called the Technology and Innovation in UK Maritime Call.

The call will fund innovative solutions within mid Technology Readiness Level (TRL 3-7) to demonstrate potential applications for innovative technology or for proof of concept of new ideas in this field. £1M is available for the competition, which administered by MarRI-UK.

Full details about the scope of proposals that will be considered can be found at the following link:

This is an Expression of interest (EOI) competition. There are 2 (two) stages and the whole process takes at least 9 (nine) months.

1. Expression of Interest (EoI): opens for 12 weeks and is reviewed by MarRI-UK only.

2. Full proposal: invite only, if successful in the expression of interest stage.

Expression of Interest submissions are due in by 20th December 2019.

Posted 2019-10-08 15:13:10

£7 million additional funding secured for the Blue Belt Programme

The UK government's Blue Belt Programme has been extended for an additional year. Marine South East are currently working with the Blue Belt Team on a project to roadmap technologies to assist with the management of the UKs Overseas Territories marine areas.

Businesses, organisations and individuals who have technologies that can address the challenges associated with surveillance, compliance and enforcement within protected marine areas in UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) are asked to sign up to the Interest Group to receive regular news and updates on the Blue Belt project.

The Blue Belt Programme supports the delivery of the UK Government's commitment to enhance marine protection of over four million square kilometres of marine environment across UK Overseas Territories. The programme is a partnership between two world-leading agencies of the UK Government, the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The Blue Belt programme Annual Update for 2018/19, which sets out the achievements of the programme has recently been published and is available to download at the following link:

The extension of the Blue Belt scheme follows a series of UK Government initiatives on ocean management, such as Maritime 2050, the Clean Maritime Plan and wider 25 year Environment Plan.

For more information please visit:

Posted 2019-10-09 10:33:08

New EU project secures funding to develop biodegradable fishing gear

Marine South East is a partner in a new EU Interreg co-funded project to develop prototype biodegradable fishing gear. INdiGO (INnovative fishing Gear for Ocean) will run until 2023 with an total budget of Euro4.2M.

Fishing gear is estimated to represent 27% of marine litter with more than 26,000 km of gear lost in the English Channel area each year. With an estimated lifetime of several hundreds of year, the impacts on marine wildlife can be devastating. The persistence of lost and discarded fishing gear in the environment could be reduced by the use of biodegradable equipment with a controlled life span, however there is currently a lack of such products for use in the fishing and aquaculture sectors.

Led by the University of South Brittany, the INdIGO project will reduce long-lasting plastic waste in the Channel area through the development of biodegradable fishing gear, as well as improving habitat quality and maintaining biodiversity.

Six research organisations (Universities of South Brittany, Plymouth and Portsmouth, IFREMER, CEFAS and SMEL) and four private partners (NaturePlast, Filt, IRMA and Marine South East) are collaborating in the development of prototype biodegradable fishing gear leading to subsequent adoption by the commercial fishing industry.

The project will also work to improve the prevention and management of pollution generated during manufacture and develop an application to locate fishing gear that is already lost.

The INdiGO project covers all aspects of net development including the supply chain, manufacturing, prototype development, testing and technical and economic analysis.

Progress and outcomes will be communicated to end-users, manufacturers, the scientific community, public authorities and the general public to raise awareness about the impacts of discarded fishing gear on our marine ecosystems and the solutions being developed by INdIGO.

Posted 2019-10-25 16:45:49

Opportunities for businesses to showcase the marine sector as a career option at STEM events coming to Hampshire in 2020

A number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) events are coming to Hampshire in 2020 and marine businesses are being encouraged to get involved to inspire the next generation and fill the skills gaps.

It is evidenced that early intervention can be a very cost effective targeted way of raising children's aspirations and broadening their horizons. Giving children the chance to meet volunteers from the world of work helps them to see the meaning and relevance of the STEM subjects they are studying at school work. The aim is to show children the vast range of STEM opportunities and ensure they don't start ruling out options at a young age.

EBP South works with young people from Primary Schools to Colleges across Hampshire and the surrounding areas providing a range of in-house career guidance programmes and activities; as well as external events.

EBP South are the experts in careers guidance for young people providing a single point of contact for schools to engage with 3500+ businesses and businesses to engage with over 90 schools across Hampshire and the surrounding areas.

Businesses can make a real and lasting change to the lives of many young people whilst benefiting your own business. By brokering the partnership EBP make it easy for you to engage with schools and colleges as your one-point of contact, in order to highlight careers in the marine sector.

EBP South are working in partnership with Portsmouth Water to host their annual Primary Schools' STEM Fair, aimed at 9/10 year olds (Years 5/6). It will be run over 2 days and will take place on Tuesday 10th & Wednesday 11th March 2020 at CEMAST, Lee-On-Solent.

For Secondary School students the following events are taking place in 2020:

The Big Bang @ Solent - this is the biggest STEM event in South Hampshire which is open to students in Years 7-11. Given the importance of the marine sector in this region it would be great to have involvement from as many marine businesses as possible. The event is an inspiring and exciting learning experience that is full of interactive science, engineering and technology activities. The Big Bang @ Solent takes place at the Botleigh Grange Hotel, Hedge End Thursday 30th April 2019.

TeenTech is a lively one-day interactive programme with a supporting Awards Scheme founded by broadcaster, Maggie Philbin. The event aims to change perceptions of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) careers amongst teenagers and their teachers and act as a catalyst to encourage industry to engage with young people. TeenTech gives you a chance for your business to engage with your future workforce, showcasing the technology and opportunities available.

The event takes place on Thursday 18th June 2020 at Hampshire Court Hotel, Basingstoke and is open to all schools in Hampshire.

Information about all the events can be found at the following link, together with more information about how businesses can get involved with inspiring the next generation into the marine sector:

For more information on how to involve your business in career events please contact Jacquie Jones at EBP South on

or visit:

Posted 2019-10-16 08:53:03

ORE Catapult to lead world's largest Interreg Project on Tidal Energy

The Tidal Stream Energiser Project (TIGER) aims to drive the growth of tidal stream energy by installing almost 8MW of new tidal capacity in and around the Channel.

ORE Catapult will lead the TIGER project, comprising of 19 partners across the UK and France from a range of disciplines including turbine development, research organisations, demonstration sites and local and regional authorities.

TIGER will bring together these different organisations to work towards validating and commercialising tidal technology to ensure the UK capitalises on the sustainable, predictable and affordable energy that is tidal.

The project is the largest and most ambitious of its kind, and looks to make a stronger and more cost-effective case for commercialising tidal stream technology in the UK's renewable energy sector.

To find out more please visit:

Posted 2019-10-31 12:21:49

Offshore Wind Growth Partnership; Funding Opportunities

The Offshore Wind Growth Partnership (OWGP) has released its first funding pot totalling £400,000 for projects that aim to improve the competitiveness of the existing UK supply chain and encourage the development of new products and services for the sector.

Launched in June 2019, the OWGP is a key part of the Offshore Wind Sector Deal between industry and Government. Funded by the Offshore Wind Industry Council (OWIC) and delivered by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult, it has a budget of £100m over a ten-year period and will promote closer collaboration across the supply chain and facilitate shared growth opportunities between developers and the supply chain.

The funding is available to all UK companies for submissions in two specific areas: cost reduction from advanced manufacturing techniques, and developing advanced sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and communications solutions for offshore wind.

The first call is seeking submissions that identify potential cost reductions from advanced manufacturing or fabrication techniques. The aim is to encourage and support UK companies to explore new manufacturing methods and techniques that could improve productivity and facilitate cost reduction, with successful applicants learning from specialist delivery partners. This call is targeted at UK manufacturers/fabricators across all areas of the offshore wind supply chain and, in particular, companies seeking support to improve their existing processes and techniques, to reduce costs and ultimately become more competitive in the sector.

The second call will focus on developing advanced sensors, Internet of Things (IoT) and communications solutions for offshore wind, supporting existing supply chain companies to expand their range of products and services to meet the future needs of the sector and is aimed at UK-based SMEs exploring the use of innovative technologies, products and services to improve communications at next-generation offshore wind farms.

Over 200 companies have now registered an interest on the OWGP website where further information on the calls can be found. Applications for this funding are required by 7th November 2019.

For more information, and to apply, visit the OWGP website at

Posted 2019-10-08 15:54:01

University2Business; Facing the Clean Growth Challenge; 8th November 2019, Portsmouth

Hosted by the University of Portsmouth, working with the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Portsmouth City Council, businesses are invited to this event 'Working Together to Meet the Clean Growth Challenge'.

Clean growth means growing our national income while cutting greenhouse gas emissions. Achieving clean growth, while ensuring an affordable energy supply for businesses and consumers, is at the heart of the UK's Industrial Strategy.

It will increase our productivity, create good jobs, boost earning power for people right across the country, and help protect the climate and environment upon which we and future generations depend. Clean Growth Strategy BEIS, 2017.

Hosted by the University of Portsmouth, working with the Knowledge Transfer Network, and Portsmouth City Council, businesses are invited to attend this clean growth technology and innovation event.

By attending, you will be able to:

* Receive the latest updates from the Knowledge Transfer Network on access to funding in clean growth sectors

* Hear from keynote speakers - Sandra Sassow, CEO of SEaB and Zoe Osmond, Director of Clean Growth UK

* Hear from Portsmouth City Council on clean growth and greening the city and local funding available

* Attend workshops co-delivered by university and industry experts on areas including:

* Improving energy efficiency for businesses

* Environmental technologies

* Recycled plastics for industry

* Eco-friendly food packaging

Join conversations, share ideas and start collaboration

This event is aimed at:

* C-suite executives

* Research and development leads

* Directors of Operations

* Technical Directors


9:00 Registration, refreshments and opportunity to explore the industry showcase exhibition

9:30 Welcome from Graham Galbraith, the University Vice-Chancellor, and Sandra Sassow, CEO and co-founder of SEab Energy

10:30 Workshops

11:40 Refreshments, networking, exhibition showcase and 'café' discussions

12:30 Workshops

13:40 Refreshments, networking, exhibition showcase and 'café' discussions

14:20 Workshops

15:30 Access to Funding and closing keynote, Zoe Osmond (Director Clean Growth UK)

16:30 Networking and opportunity to visit facilities

17:30 Event close

Date: Friday 8th November 2019
Time: 09:00 - 17:30
Location: University of Portsmouth, Future Technology Centre Portland Street, Portsmouth. PO1 3AH

For more information and booking details please visit:

Posted 2019-10-17 14:39:59

Oceans of Knowledge 2019, 20th November 2019, London

The Oceans of Knowledge conference series considers the operational use of ocean observations and technologies. Now in its third edition, the 2019 conference will focus on the specific role of ocean observations in identifying and mitigating future risks to ocean uses and facilitating a sustainable blue economy.

The conference will be opened by a keynote presentation from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Ocean Economy Group. This keynote will summarise recent OECD work on understanding the future ocean economy and its dependence on ocean observations.

Subsequent morning presentations will take a closer look at a range of high growth ocean uses such as;

* Autonomous shipping
* Open water aquaculture
* Marine mining
* Offshore wind

The afternoon will then explore the future direction of technologies which will play a key role in enabling future sustainable ocean use;

* Communication at sea
* Advanced sensors
* Earth observation
* Expert systems and machine learning
* Robotics and automation

Each session will also include a panel discussion to further expand on the topics raised and offer the opportunity for delegates to engage with speakers. Dedicated networking sessions will also be held throughout the day.

Oceans of Knowledge has an interdisciplinary focus and will be of interest to representatives from industry, academia and government. Particular benefits are anticipated for technology and service providers wishing to understand their future markets.

By incorporating a mixed programme with both a conference and workshop style, this event will provide a unique opportunity to debate how ocean observations can best support future sustainable ocean use.

For more information please visit

Posted 2019-10-18 13:30:11

Innovate UK Innovation Loans - deadline for applications 27th November 2019

Whether you are a micro, small or medium sized enterprise, you could benefit from a loan of between £100,000 and £1 million from Innovate UK. Innovate UK has a total of £10 million to fund innovation projects.

If your idea or concept is game changing, has a real disruptive element, has a clear route to commercialisation and will make an economic impact, read on.

The Innovation Loans scheme aims to provide finance that is affordable, patient and flexible for later-stage innovation projects. To find out if you are eligible to apply for a loan of up to £1 million please follow the link:

What are the timelines for projects?

Projects should last up to 5 years. Projects lasting up to 3 years can focus on late stage research and development (R&D), while those lasting an additional 2 years will focus on establishing a clear route to commercial success.

You will need to get your application in before Wednesday 27 November 2019 12:00pm.

Posted 2019-10-11 12:42:55