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Posted 2019-06-04 11:14:38

Successful demonstration of Hybrid Electric Propulsion system for small commercial vessels

The Innovate UK/DSTL co-funded project HEVIMA, of which Marine South East is a partner, held a very successful demonstration of the Hybrid Electric Propulsion system for small commercial vessels at a launch event held in Falmouth in May 2019.

The modular hybrid system has been designed by REAPsystems with other project partners Babcock, Mainstay Marine Solutions, Lloyds Register and the University of Southampton all playing an active part in the project. The HEVIMA consortium hosted about 50 guests from industry, vessel operations, academia, regulatory bodies and the media at the Maritime Museum in Falmouth.

A complete hybrid system has been installed in the fully refitted 85-year old passenger ferry 'Kingsley II', owned and run by Cornwall Ferries. Tim Light from Cornwall Ferries opened the event with a very upbeat presentation on the benefits the hybrid system gives their company in terms of sustainability, moral obligation, simplicity and improved customer experience.

Simon Powell from Marine South East outlined the market opportunities for HEVIMA system followed by a detailed technical presentation from Dennis Doerffel of REAPsystems.

The morning closed with a lively question and answer session when project partners further explained the benefits of hybrid propulsion and addressed some challenging technical, regulatory and market issues.

The highlight of the day was trips on board the Kingsley II, where both the electric and diesel modes were demonstrated on the beautiful waters of Falmouth harbour. Guests were impressed with the quiet exhaust gas free experience in all-electric mode and the smooth transition to diesel when more power is required.

A special passenger was Gary Mitchell, son of Percy Mitchell, who built the Kingsley II in 1934. Gary was sure his father would have been impressed with the incorporation of innovative hybrid propulsion, giving this classic ferry a new lease of life.

The Maritime Journal reported the launch event, their article can be read here:

Posted 2019-06-07 13:30:27

CLINSH sustainable fleet trial expanded to 41 ships

Six new ships are joining the CLINSH (CLean INland SHipping) sustainable pilot project. With 41 ships from three European countries participating in the pilot project, the fleet is complete.

CLINSH aims to improve sustainability in the inland shipping industry. The ships were selected as part of a European tender process.

Measuring equipment is being installed on every ship that is participating in the CLINSH practical trials, after which ship emissions will be monitored and measured on a continuous basis. The trial is expected to yield invaluable information about the environmental performance and operating costs associated with the various technologies.

Practical trial

Ships participating in the CLINSH project run on different engines and fuels and use sustainable technology, such as catalysers, and diesel particulate filters. Participating skippers receive compensation for any modifications to their ship. The data collected by the ships will yields insights into the environmental benefits of the various technologies. It will also allow skippers and ship owners to better understand the financial and environmental business cases for specific investments. This is practical information that will benefit other skippers and authorities, financial institutions and interest groups that want to contribute to a more sustainable inland shipping industry.

Lost opportunities

At present, skippers who can demonstrate that their ship is clean or sustainable enjoy certain benefits, such as discounts on berthage and port charges or a higher price for cargo transport. However, improving an individual ship's sustainability performance often requires high investments. With the practical trial, CLINSH aims to map the financial environmental benefits of all the available technologies to assist skippers in their choices.


CLINSH is a demonstration project aimed at assessing the cost and effectiveness of emission-control technologies and alternative fuels in actual practice. CLINSH receives support from the European LIFE fund. The total budget for the project is at least Euro 8.5 million, which will enable the European LIFE Fund, with its 18 partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom, to invest in a range of projects that will contribute to a more sustainable inland navigation sector.

For more information please visit where there is a movie CLINSH: Practical Trials & Onshore Power Supply - The Latest Experiences and a publication Talking About CLINSH - The Human Factor Of Inland Shipping

Posted 2019-06-17 11:08:45

Update on Onboard Project looking at training for the ports and logistics sector

The ONBOARD Project is looking at the development of technical profiles and training curriculum for the ports and
logistics’ sector.

ONBOARD is a two year project co-funded under the Erasmus+ programme, that aims to design, implement and validate an apprenticeship's model for ports and logistics sector, supporting new VET profiles and curricula, and fostering an effective cooperation structure between VET providers and business representatives of the maritime sector.

The project has produced its second newsletter to update interested parties on activities over the past few months. The newsletter details information about the projects two functional profiles and joint curricula for the Ports and Logistics sectors. The newsletter also details the Onboard Apprenticeship Model which is ready for use.

The ONBOARD project is led by INOVA+ with partners from
Portugal, the UK and Ireland. For further details please visit the project website at

To read the latest newsletter please visit

Posted 2019-06-17 17:03:15

ProtoAtlantic backs 10 internationals start-ups to test Maritime Technologies

The ProtoAtlantic project has selected 10 international start-ups to test their maritime technologies free of charge at a number of world-renowned test facilities as part of the Fast Tracked Product Development phase of the project, which is being led by the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, Scotland.

The successful projects have been selected due to the standard of their innovative concepts from a variety of blue growth sectors including renewable energy, biotechnology, marine robotics, marine transport, aquaculture and conditioning monitoring. Testing will start this year and run through until October 2020.

ProtoAtlantic, which is being coordinated by Innovalia Association as lead partner, is funded by Interreg Atlantic Area and aims to develop and validate a model for the prototyping and exploitation of innovative ideas in the maritime sector.

Over 30 applications from across Europe were submitted for the Fast Tracked Product Development phase of ProtoAtlantic. The following international start-ups were selected by the ProtoAtlantic Review Panel:

* ARQ Asset Solutions Ltd (Ireland)
* Exceedence Ltd (Ireland)
* Fazzini Meccanica s.n.c (Italy)
* Impact9 Energy and Marine Ltd (Ireland)
* OCEOMIC, Marine Bio and Technology, S.L. (Spain)
* Pure Marine Gen Ltd (Northern Ireland)
* Sea Wave Energy Ltd (UK)
* SealSpear Technologies Ltd (Ireland)
* A. Silva Matos Metalomecanica S.A. (Portugal)
* Subsea Mechnatronics (Spain)

EMEC, Innovalia Association, INESC TEC, University College Cork, EMERGE, Cork County Council, and Technopõle Brest Iroise are working in partnership to deliver the ProtoAtlantic project, with testing available at the following test facilities:

* European Marine Energy Centre in Scotland,
* Lir National Ocean Test Facility, MaREI Centre in Ireland,
* Institute for Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science in Portugal.
* Marine Park in Spain.

The Fast Tracked Product Development programme utilises the expertise within the project partnership to offer marine start-ups a product development process that runs from concept through to pre-commercial trials. This process will be underpinned by an approved verification process which will ensure the credibility of technologies, which could transform and increase efficiency within the blue growth sectors.

If you have any queries please email or

Further information on the companies supported by ProtoAtlantic through the Fast Tracked Product Development programme can be found at:

Posted 2019-06-18 13:18:56

University of Portsmouth scientists awarded £5.8m to fight plastic pollution

University of Portsmouth scientists, who have engineered an enzyme that can break down some of the world’s most commonly polluting plastics, have been awarded £5.8 million.

The funding will allow the appointment of both junior and senior researcher scientists to join the Universities newly established Centre for Enzyme Innovation (CEI).

The investment from the Research England Expanding Excellence Fund, coupled with significant investment by the University of Portsmouth, will speed up progress towards finding a solution to one of the world's greatest environmental challenges - plastic waste.

In April 2018, researchers led by Professor John McGeehan at the University of Portsmouth and Dr Gregg Beckham at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, announced they had engineered an enzyme which could digest polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, returning it to its original monomers, or building blocks.

Their discovery offered the first glimmer of hope that we can take an enzyme from the natural environment and adapt it in the laboratory to tackle some of our most polluting plastics.

PET plastic is commonly used to make the 20,000 single-use plastic bottles manufactured every second worldwide. The team's discovery paved the way for a future in which PET could be infinitely recycled, re-used, and even made into higher value materials - a fundamental shift in recycling.

For more information please visit:

Posted 2019-06-27 12:22:14

Marketing Students looking to help local businesses

If your company has a marketing issue they'd like some help with, then the University of Portsmouth would like to hear about it. New marketing strategy? Social media growth? Website redesign?

From January 2020, the University of Portsmouth will have twelve teams of Business students who are eager to look at real-life marketing problems and produce a report with their findings and solutions.

For more information please contact Kevin Stroud;

Posted 2019-06-27 12:27:11

What can your business do to reduce plastic waste, 3rd July 2019, Portsmouth University

The UK Circular Plastics Network is organising this workshop on plastics at the University of Portsmouth on Wednesday 3rd July 16.00-19.00.

Consumers are demanding that their plastic packaging is not damaging the environment and recent initiatives and laws demonstrate the effect that they are having. However, what about plastic waste that does not directly interact with a consumer? This accounts for 40% or 1.2mt of current UK plastic waste that is currently not recycled. It is clear that this needs addressing by the implementation of new technologies and innovations. The UKCPN is running this event to introduce potential opportunities for your business in this area and also understand the actual challenges you have, both now and in the future.

Come along to this session if you would like to:

* Maximise recycled plastic feedstock in the products you make.
* Understand the implications of replacing the plastics you use in your products with alternate materials.
* Minimise plastic waste from your manufacturing processes (e.g. to landfill)
* Explore alternative outlets/uses for the plastic waste generated in your manufacturing processes.

The event takes place Wednesday 3rd July 2019 16.00-19.00 at Portsmouth University. To book your place visit:

The event will provide an opportunity to hear about the current UK plastics recycling landscape, plastic waste case studies and challenges in the plastic waste sphere, as well as an overview of UK funding opportunities. The workshop will demonstrate the work of the UK Circular Plastics Network and how it can help you understand innovations in the plastics economy and opportunities for collaborations to innovate in this space.

The workshop is open to all sectors and sizes of business but will be of particular interest to those in the non-FMCG sectors. We also need to hear your own challenges, so that future funding can be targeted directly at maximising value to business. This is your chance to let us know and inform government of the issues you face.

Posted 2019-06-11 15:04:12

Smart Islands Energy Project event, 4th July 2019, Greece

This event, organized by partners from the Smart Islands Energy Project (SMILE) and the Enterprise Europe Network, provides a great opportunity to initiate new international collaborations with companies, universities and local authorities on the theme of energy transition on islands.

Taking place 4th July 2019 in Thessaloniki, Greece, the event will be the place for sharing experience, presenting innovative technologies and for networking in the renewable energy sector.

The SMILE project partners and international energy actors will gather at the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH). The SMILE2MATCH event, brings together business, research and government active and dealing with the creation of sustainable islands.

This matchmaking event aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participating organizations to:

* present their know-how and innovative technologies
* find new technological solutions
* meet potential business partners
* find partners for collaborative European R&D projects
* meet and establish cross-border contacts with some of the major actors in the field of smart grids and sustainable islands

Main areas of interest for the SMILE2MATCH event will include:

* renewable energy production
* smart grids
* smart hybrid (heating) networks
* electric) mobility solutions
* energy storage solutions (electric & heat)
* consumer & citizen engagement
* economic feasibility of renewable energy technologies
* Regulations and legal aspects of islands energy transition

The program for the day will cover the importance of islands in the energy transition and introduce the SMILE project. This will be followed by three hours of business-to-business matchmaking sessions lasting 20 min. each, giving every participant the opportunity to have nine meetings in total to explore and initiate new collaborations.

To register for this event please visit:

Posted 2019-06-11 15:56:52

Solent LEP Business Growth Clinic, 9th July 2019, Portsmouth

Looking to Grow your Business? Of Course you are!! The Solent LEP Growth Hub provides you with free business support and advice…and is visiting Portsmouth Technopole on 9th July 2019.

We are offering a free consultancy from a team of highly experienced experts, for high growth innovative businesses throughout the Solent LEP region.

The free 1-to-1 Business Growth Clinics are designed for established companies looking to grow their business in areas including exploration of new markets, increasing their workforce and developing innovation.

Please book your 50 minute clinic in the slot below.

Posted 2019-05-20 13:54:10