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Posted 2018-02-28 11:57:56

Funding for game changing ideas for products and services opens 1st March 2018

Businesses can apply for a share of up to £15 million to develop novel products and services, or a further £10 million to work on projects with graduates.

Innovate UK has up to £15 million to invest in great ideas for new innovations in a range of technology and business areas.

Projects must work on disruptive ideas that could lead to new products, processes or services that are significantly ahead of others in the field.

They can range from short feasibility studies to longer industrial research or experimental development projects.

There must be a potential for commercialisation or economic impact.

Competition information:

* the competition opens on 1 March 2018 and the deadline for applications is 9 May 2018
* projects must be led by a business working alone or in collaboration with other organisations or researchers
* Innovate UK expect projects to range in size between £25,000 and £1 million and to last between 6 months and 3 years
* businesses could attract up to 70% of their total project costs

For more information please visit

Posted 2018-02-28 15:24:36

Take advantage of local Degree Apprentices to upskill your staff at minimal cost

Degree Apprentices were launched by the Government last year; they allow employees to work while studying part-time for a degree, They are available in all sorts of subjects at Universities in the Solent region. They are incredible value for businesses to up their skills level at minimal costs - including business leadership.

Degree apprenticeships allow you to work as an employee while also studying part-time for a full Bachelor's or Master's degree.

They combine the academic study from a traditional university degree with the practical on-the-job experience and employment skills required for a successful career. They were developed in a partnership between the Government, employers and universities.

Degree apprenticeships take between one and five years to complete, depending on the course you take. You'll typically go to university one day a week for around 30 weeks every year. On the weeks you don't go to University, you'll still spend 20% of your time training away from your normal working environment.

Degree apprenticeships are suitable for people of all ages. You could be already in employment or beginning your career.

Currently the Government is offering non-apprenticeship levy paying companies 90% off the cost of these training programmes with costs for business leadership skills courses starting at £900 instead of the full value of £9,000. But hurry these subsidies will not last forever. Employee training time commitments vary from day release to weekend learning for anything from 18 months to spread over 4 years.

Southampton Solent University offers a number of Degree Apprenticeships for aspiring new managers, experienced managers and senior leaders as well as project management, digital and technical solutions and electronic engineering.

For Southampton Solent Apprentice Degree Apprenticeships visit:

Portsmouth University offers Degree Apprenticeships in Business and Management, MBAs, Civil Engineering and Surveying, Digital Technology and Engineering, Electronic Engineering,

For Portsmouth Degree Apprenticeships visit:

Posted 2018-02-28 14:46:27

COLUMBUS conference delivers results for Knowledge Transfer advances

At the end of January, more than 70 participants met in Brussels, Belgium, for the COLUMBUS project’s third and final Annual Blue Society Knowledge Transfer Conference – a project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme.

The COLUMBUS conference, entitled "Making Marine and Maritime Science Count", provided a forum to collaboratively explore the barriers, challenges and possible solutions to increasing the impact potential of marine and maritime research. Based on feedback from last year, the conference was designed to be an interactive panel-based forum, providing a refreshing change to traditional conference formats. Overall, the conference was very successful, producing interesting debates and vigorous discussions around the concept of Knowledge Transfer.

Attendees enjoyed talking about the challenges and barriers involved in three key stages of the research lifecycle: pre-project, project implementation and post-project. The conference finished with a panel comprised of experts from the policy-facing research management sector discussing what strategic actions need to be taken to further optimise the research system and ultimately increase the impact of marine and maritime research.

A major objective of COLUMBUS was to show the effectiveness of the COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer Methodology. A compilation of COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer stories was provided to all those in attendance, along with 48 examples made available for download.

The stories illustrate how the COLUMBUS Knowledge Transfer Methodology was implemented and how corresponding impacts were achieved by different COLUMBUS Competence Nodes. Since Knowledge Transfer is, in some cases, still ongoing, the published stories are still in a draft format. More than 50 stories will be finalised and uploaded to the COLUMBUS website in due course.

To view the current compilation of stories, please visit the project website:

COLUMBUS aims to ensure a strong legacy. It will concentrate on defining recommendations and guidelines for how Knowledge Transfer could be incorporated into funded research as a key output of the project.

For specific information on the COLUMBUS project, contact the COLUMBUS Project Manager, Cliona Ní Cheallacháin .

Posted 2018-02-28 14:12:19

New project investigating how Earth Observation can enable Blue Economy Growth

Marine South East is partner in a new European funded project looking at international markets and trends in the Blue Growth Economy and where Earth Observation data could provide viable solutions for Blue Growth.

Earth Observation (EO) refers to the use of remote sensing technologies such as satellites and dedicated measurement instruments, to monitor the state and evolution of our planet on land, at sea and in the atmosphere. This new project will identify the current and future commercial and technological potential of Earth Observation technologies to enable Blue Growth sector and aims to define the most promising technologies and identify appropriate clusters and business networks to work with in targeted countries.

Earth Observation, through satellites, drones and stratospheric balloons (HAPs, High Altitude Platforms) offers a unique view of our oceans, seas, and coasts.

Several sectors are at the intersection of earth observation and blue economy:

* Ship routing, defence, search & rescue, marine resources (for example fish stock management), climate & weather forecasting;
* Design, installation, management and maintenance of wind farms;
* Marine renewable energy facilities, such as current/tidal energy and ocean thermal energy;
* Fisheries management, including the impact of climate change on ocean ecosystems and their fisheries;
* Deployment, operation and maintenance of aquaculture adapted to the environmental and ecological context, including the adaptation of aquaculture to climate change;
* Adaptation of coastal zones to sea-level rise: determination, anticipation and control of hazards (erosion, submersion, siltation of coastal and port areas, etc.), shoreline management;
* Observing systems and operational oceanography capacities;
* Safer maritime transport: ship detection and classification tools to ground-truth satellite images.

The over-arching goal of SpaceWave is to create a joint internationalisation strategy targeting cluster cooperation and SMEs access to global markets for Earth Observation and related services contributing to Blue Growth. This strategy will include an implementation roadmap and support the constitution of a sustainable ESCP (European Strategic Cluster Partnership) between European Aerospace Clusters and Blue Growth clusters.

The high-level objectives of SpaceWave are:

* Earth Observation in Blue Growth.

* To identify European and International stakeholders and analyse the related value chains.

* To draft an internationalization plan in order to reach Europe’s full potential in downstream Earth Observation in Blue Growth.

The SpaceWave partners will then develop an Internationalisation Strategy and an Implementation Roadmap.

The project will also identify and contact other European clusters working in Earth Observation and Blue Growth sectors that could be interested in enlarging the SpaceWave community as well as collaborating with SMEs for business deployment.

SPACEWAVE will act as a pilot for the acceleration of Earth Observation for Blue Growth which can be replicated at a larger scale to include other European clusters and their members.

Posted 2018-02-28 14:00:26

Innovate UKs Industrial Challenge Fund - could support your next business idea...

Innovate UK's Industrial Strategy Fund will help to turn technology into products and services that can solve problems and grow the UK’s economy.

The grant funding for this R&D is available through competitions to identify the highest quality innovations with the greatest potential. Collaborations with researchers and between large firms with resources and smaller firms with innovative ideas will be at the heart of this.

The challenges cover areas such as:

* Advanced manufacturing
* The Future of healthcare
* The Energy revolution
* Future mobility
* AI and data-driven economy

Some of the above have cross-overs in the marine and maritime sectors.

For more information visit:

Posted 2018-02-28 15:08:38

More funding for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships opens

Businesses have the opportunity to apply for a share of a further £10 million for Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

KTPs allow businesses to benefit from a partnership with an academic institution and a recent graduate with relevant expertise to work on a specific innovation project.

The funding opens 1st March 2018 and the deadline for applications is 9th May 2018.

You should speak to your local knowledge adviser, who will help you to apply or visit

Posted 2018-02-28 15:27:17

New Italian marine online B2B platform currently free to join

Seamuster is a new B2B marine network web platform dedicated to the international boating industry which is currently free to join.

The site has been online for a few months, and is currently being populated with shipyards, suppliers, consultants and all the operators of the marine sector.

The aim of SEAMUSTER to allow marine businesses to be visible in a global marine marketplace for companies who offer and require products or services. It allows businesses to reach, or be reached, with customers and partners around the world.

Currently, in the start-up period and in order to engage businesses, subscription to the portal is free with 12 months membership subscription, which includes up to 5 users per company. At the end of this period, the company will be free to confirm its ongoing commitment.

To learn more about Seamuster and how it might benefit your business visit:

Or view the online video at: .

Posted 2018-03-01 10:25:10

South Coast Business Awards 2018 launch, 7th March 2018, Southampton

Join The Southern Daily Echo and principal sponsors Trethowans for the launch of the South Coast Business Awards 2018 on Wednesday 7th March 2018 at the Spark, Southampton Solent University, 6.00-7.00pm.

The Southern Daily Echo and principal sponsors Trethowans invite businesses to the launch of the South Coast Business Awards 2018.

Join them for drinks and canapés as they reveal details of this year's competition celebrating the best of business across Hampshire.

Meet the sponsors, learn about the categories and be part of this fantastic event, culminating in a glittering awards ceremony in July.

The launch is free to attend, however prior registration is required.

Spaces limited; to register to attend please visit:

Posted 2018-02-28 15:18:49

Growing the Innovation Business Opportunity - the Solent is Open, 7th March 2018, Isle of Wight

This event is open to all and organisations outside the Solent are warmly encouraged to attend alongside the indigenously based groups.

Sometimes, what you need as a technology business to grow is right in front of you, if only you knew it existed.

Innovate UK and KTN have been looking at the potential around the Solent and are seeing some interesting opportunities beginning to emerge. The Isle of Wight has often felt a bit disconnected from the hive of activity over the Solent but this has not stopped them from nurturing some interesting ideas.

And likewise, organisations including R&D centres around Bournemouth, Southampton and Portsmouth are on a keen trajectory for impacting innovation. They too are looking for partners to foster programmes that could maximise the economical impact.

It makes sense to marry up the capability and unpack what may be slowing up the relationships.

This event sets out with a simple objective: to give you the opportunity to showcase your thinking and forge collaborative partnerships that so far have been outside your field of vision. Importantly, you can also get first hand how the family of Innovate UK business support operations could take your new partners to new and impacting business opportunities.

Format: The day will be structured to set up a dialogue between those with challenges and others with solutions. The day will have a heavy focus on networking, giving you plenty of opportunity to meet new contacts and solve the missing pieces in your growth strategy. This will be fortified with the tools that Innovate UK, KTN, European Enterprise Network, the Local Enterprise Partnerships and local Business Growth programmes can provide to give you the best chance to achieve success.

Programme will also include a session on Accessing Private Equity and Investor Markets.

NEWS for Mainland delegates: A special Networking Red Funnel Ferry will be leaving Southampton at 7:15am. Delegates will enjoy a £10 foot passenger crossing to the Isle of Wight and receive breakfast. For details contact

Who should attend:

* Technology business and commercially orientated R&D centres that are engaged in new disruptive innovation landscapes
* Those who are challenge owners where new thinking is sought to provide additional solution avenues
* The event is open to all, and organisations outside the Solent are warmly encouraged to attend alongside the Solent-based groups.

This event, including catering and refreshments, is free to attend. A sponsored drinks reception will also accompany your registration.

For registration please visit:

Posted 2018-02-09 16:18:50

Blue Growth Update 2018: Opportunities and Collaboration in the Blue Economy, 14th March 2018, OI London

This session will overview of Blue Growth opportunities for business, showcase selected companies that have invested in the emerging Blue Economy, and explore how clusters can actively promote these opportunities.

The session will be split into three parts:

* Blue Growth global update from organisations working across the Blue Economy internationally:

* American perspective: The Maritime Alliance (USA)
* European perspective: Pole Mer Bretagne Atlantique (France)

* Business Case Studies: Highlighting companies who have invested in and benefited from expanding into the Blue Economy, including:

* Maritime information services
* Autonomous systems
* Energy
* Aquaculture

Collaboration & financing opportunities (led by Marine South East) to highlight a range of collaborative projects and financing mechanisms, followed by a facilitated panel discussion to spotlight some take-away opportunities.

For more information please visit:

To register to attend Oceanology International 2018 please visit:

Posted 2018-02-09 16:45:37

B2B Matchmaking event at Oceanology International, Wednesday 14th March 2018, London

Enterprise Europe Network is organising a B2B matchmaking event on Wednesday 14 March 2018, during Oceanology International 2018 and its associated event Blue Growth Update 2018.

The FREE matchmaking event will give you the opportunity to meet potential business partners during pre-arranged 30 minute meetings and create real business development opportunities with exhibitors but also visitors, active in the maritime sector.

Your agenda will be sent to you one week before the event with the exact time and location of your meetings.
For more information visit

Posted 2018-02-09 17:19:31