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Land and Expand in the US: America Made Easy, 18th July 2019, Bristol

The hassle free way to get your business up and running in the US.

Have you considered launching your business in the US? This workshop is designed to provide ambitious UK companies with key market insights and the expert guidance needed to help make the transition to the largest economic market on the planet.

Receive practical advice on how to get started, including all of the planning, legal and hiring issues which you will need to be ready for.

Although it can seem intimidating at first, the potential payoff for a successful expansion in the US is huge - Join us on 18th July to find out how to land and expand!

Why should you attend?

* Hear critical insights from market and business experts to avoid the common pitfalls
* Understand the practical side of getting set-up in the US
* Discover what is needed to make a successful transition and be positioned for a strategic expansion
* Hear real-world advice from companies that made it big in the US
* Help your business determine if making the move is the right step for you
* Hear from International Trade Advisers how the Department for International Trade (DIT) can help your business launch and expand in the US

What topics will be covered?

* The trends and opportunities that your business can leverage
* Understanding the US market and State differences
* Banking and setting up your accounts & taxes
* Recruiting employees and potential hiring issues
* The steps needed to create a US legal entity
* Doing market research and an effective location evaluation & selection
* How to do business in the US 101: communication and cultural impacts

Who is this event best suited for?

* Ambitious UK companies ready to expand in the US
* Businesses with an interest in launching an office in the US
* Decision makers within the organisation
* Companies who are looking to hire employees in the US

The event will take place in Bristol city centre.

For more information and to book your place please visit:

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